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2017-2018: A Marvelous Sprouting

We are excited to title ourselves, "My Vegan Uncle". After a year of heated band name related bickering, we are My Vegan Uncle. Now we can get the ball rolling.

My Vegan Uncle had its first "gig" in August of 2017. Or perhaps one might have called it a public rehearsal...

Kara Fink (vocals/guitar) and Jeff Bouck (bass) began working together after Fink put out a moderately-deaerate plea for a bass player to join her for a two-song gig within the context of a vocal competition. Eager to make a music visit to Rochester from Bowling Green, Ohio, where he had at the time been pursuing his Master's Degree in music, Bouck volunteered to be a featured musician alongside Fink for two songs. The two quickly became friends. (No. There was no preciously established friendship when he made the decision to travel six hours for an unpaid gig. What a guy.)

Chris Ramsden (drums) and Bouck had years of musical history and friendship in the books prior to Bouck's move to Ohio. Both had attended Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, NY and played in the school's jazz combo together. During this time, they also formed a small jazz combo with a friend called The Marvel Trio, and performed locally for several years.

It wasn't until the 2017 Rochester International Jazz Festival that the four serendipitously met. Bouck, passing through Rochester on his way from his hometown in the Adirondacks back to Ohio, was surprised to learn that Jacob Collier would be performed the day he planned to stop into ROC. He invited both Fink and Ramsden to catch the show.

While excitedly waiting for the show to start, Fink pointed out a young man walking by, and asked "Do you two know Parker Story? He plays jazz piano." She had only known him from brief interactions at church events and maybe a time or two on campus at Roberts Wesleyan. Story tagged along that night, and the three "adopted" him. Thus, the band was formed.

They began an iPhone group chat and carried the name "Marvel" as a placeholder for about a year, until the night of their first official show. It was after the performance that they landed on "My Vegan Uncle".